Better Returns For Everyone

Invest In Peer-to-Peer Lending and Earn up to 4.9%*


Smiley faceInvest in a portfolio of loans to businesses, property developers and individuals.

Smiley faceProvision Fund protection - a buffer against poorly performing loans.

Smiley faceFor Everyone – Everyday Account available for individuals, companies, schools and charities

*Capital at risk, instant access not guaranteed. No FSCS protection.


Figures correct as of the 1st February 2018.

*4.9% annualised rate is the 3 month average on the 5 year market on the 1st March 2018.

Better returns statement based on 3 month average for 5 Year Market of 4.9% at 1st March 2018 versus a 1.32% Interest rate of UK monetary financial institutions sterling two year fixed rate cash ISA. Source: Bank of England 31 Jan 2018.